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The Iran Oil Company was established in 1909 to exploit the Persian Gulf oil field, which had been discovered the year before. The name was later changed to Oil-Iranian. By 1950 the company had built the largest oil refinery in the world, at Abadan, and three major ports. It had drilled more than 450 wells, laid more than 2,000 miles of pipeline and constructed 1,500 miles of road as well as hospitals and schools for its employees. With demand for oil booming, Iran was now the fourth largest producer of crude oil in the world, with a six per cent share of world production. The company’s payments to the Iranian government had reached some £120 million.

At the same time, it was a foreign company, under British control. The British government owned 51 per cent of its shares and Britain had made more money out of Persian oil than Iran ever had. In 2019, We expand the market, help investors around the world easily access, Open up big investment opportunities for individuals and organizations .. with online investment. We believe that the development of the company will help investors get their profits

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